Brick Slips with Dovetail

DBA Building Solutions are one of the leading suppliers of Clay Brick Slips to the UK Precast Sector.

To date, we have supplied in excess of 20,000m2 Brick Slips which have been incorporated into Precast panels.


     Our DBA689 Brick Slip was chosen for three Tower Blocks in           the heart of Liverpool, built using Precast Panels.

DBA Brick Slips in Precast Panel (DBA688, 692 & 696)
DBA Brick Slips in Precast Panel (DBA688, 692 & 696)

A blend of three of our Brick Slips were chosen for a 17 Storey Building in Birmingham, once again, successfully combined within Precast Panels. Due to the severity of weather conditions experienced at such high levels, our Brick Slips were chosen due to a combination of excellent Technical Qualities and superb Aesthetics.

Once again – proving their suitability to be successfully used in the Precast industry.

Although not essential – We have the option to manufacture our Clay Brick Slips with a Dovetail in the back, as seen in the image below. Many Precast companies find this useful.

DBA Dovetail incorporated into back of Clay Brick Slip

For a Luxury 17 Storey Development in the heart of Birmingham, our DBA693 was used along-side a Paler coloured Precast Ashlar – creating a definitive contrast of quality.

DBA693 in Precast sandwich panel

On this project, two of our Quality Clay Brick Slips and Corners were chosen for a High Rise project in London.

DBA689 (main), DBA692 (feature) in Precast panels

The images below, show a Gallery of two of our High Profile Precast projects in build.

Please view the images below, to find your ideal Purpose Made Clay Brick Slip to use on your next high profile Precast project !

i) All images shown are as close a representation as can be achieved with photography.

ii) Samples are intended to show texture and general appearance only. Bulk supplies cannot be guaranteed to correspond in every respect.

iii) All Clay products are Natural Materials and are manufactured to tolerances in relation to size