Precast Products

DBA Cast Stone  (Semi-Dry)
DBA Cast Stone

DBA Precast Products supply Cast Stone Components to the House Building and Construction sectors in the UK.

Components include : Heads, Cills, Corbels, Quoins, Copings and Cappings, plus many other components. Most products are made from ‘standard sections’, but we also offer our clients purpose made ‘bespoke’ products to their own designs.

We supply both Semi-Dry and Wet Cast products.

A Semi-Dry product is manufactured in a mould and decanted from that mould without delay, in order to hydrate and fully cure.

A Wet Cast product is poured into a mould and left to fully cure within that mould.

Whether you are building an extension, or a housing estate, we are here to offer help and advice.

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DBA Semi-Dry Cast Stone
DBA Semi-Dry Cast Stone