Stone Slips

DBA Building Solution’s Reconstructed Walling Stone Slips are manufactured in the UK to BS 6457 : 1984

It is made from precisely controlled mixes of naturally occurring aggregates, cement, premium admixtures, and colour-fast pigments which ensure consistency of quality and colour.

We offer three standard colours :–

Buff (Hardwick) – A combination of light yellow & brownish undertones produce this warm and welcome blend

Natural (Brodsworth) ** – Delicate ivory and subtle oat tones complement this clean natural stone

Weathered (Clumber) – A buff interior incorporating an ingrained coal exterior to leave this harmonious weathered collaboration

In three distinctive finishes :–

Split Faced – Broken or Split to expose a rougher surface providing a natural texture and stratification

Dressed Faced (Pitched) – Cut from the rock and defined by the arris line to give a nearly true edge

Cottage Faced (Rumbled) – Placed in a tumbling machine to give a softer rounded effect to the edges and surface.

In different Size Formats :–

Heights : 65mm and 140mm

Lengths : 225mm, 300mm & 375mm

Lead times are approximately 8 weeks from receipt of firm orders.

Prices available by contacting the office.

** Natural (Brodsworth) has no added colour pigments, therefore the colour consistency cannot be guaranteed from batch to batch.

Cement Efflorescence:  As with all reconstructed stone the temporary phenomenon known as efflorescence is possible. This causes a lightening of the surface colour and is in no way detrimental to the product. This effect reduces over a period of time with natural weathering.