Accent Profiles – Rethink Possibilities

Behold the game-changer in facade design! Architects and Specifiers, unleash your distinct vision with a new realm of Clay Brick Slips—challenge the conventional, dare to be different.


The new Accent Thin Bricks presented by DBA and Feldhaus Klinker have gone one step further in creating dynamic shapes and geometries to give your Facade that unique aesthetic.

Discover the Art of Perspective with our new Accent Profiles

As you explore the cutting-edge Accent profiles by DBA and Feldhaus Klinker, you encounter an evolving visual symphony. Your perspective shifts, and with it, so does the spectacle before your eyes—each profile unraveling its own unique masterpiece from varying angles.

The intricate contours and dynamic geometries crafted into each Thin Brick are intentional, challenging you to move around them. It’s in this dance, this change of viewpoint, that the full artistry of the Accent profiles truly comes to life, offering an ever-changing panorama that captivates and intrigues.

The new Accent Thin Bricks ask you to engage – As you step from one side to the other, the colour variations unfold, leaving a lasting impression of movement, depth, and an unparalleled aesthetic experience. This is a celebration of perspective.

Bishops Cap





Form 21

DBA also supports you in exploring every creative possibility – would you like to develop an individual shape ?

Many shapes and sizes are possible with a material thickness between 14mm and 35mm. We will be happy to discuss your proposals.

Please see below, various examples of how the “Form 21” can be displayed to create so many amazing facades !